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MAY 1, 2014
We Are Relocating to:
Haygood Executive Park
4667 Haygood Rd, Ste 502
Virginia Beach, VA 23455

The salon will be closed from April 20 to April 30
We will be open for business at the new Haygood location on May 1.

PRICE LIST  starting prices

Blow Out  $30
Silk Wrap  $35
Relaxer  $55 includes trim
Color n Style (permanent)  $65
Color n Style (semi-permanent)  $55

Shampoo and Deep Conditioner  $10

Quick Weaves  $75
Sew In Weaves  
                   $120 Natural Sew with hairline out
                   $130 Full Head with Closure
                   $145 Invisible Part (No Glue)
                   $165 Braid-less Sew
Sew In Weave Maintenance  $40
(Wash, Tightening, and Style)

Hair Fusion  $400
Hair Fusion Maintenance  $55
(Wash,Blow dry, Style)

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Braids by Grace

Micro Braids  $120 and up
Boxed Braids  $85 and up
Two Strand Twists  $65 and up
Senegalese Twists  $120 and up
Kinky Twists  $100 and up
Tree Braids  $130 and up
Latch Hook Braids  $80 and up
Kids Braids  - Call for Pricing

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 Ladii Angela can install any type of sew in weave you desire using the braided or braid-less technique.  For partial sew in weaves or individual rows of hair extensions please contact us for a price quote.   
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Sew In Weaves are one of the most commonly used hair extension method for African American or Ethnic women.  The common weaving technique involves the scalp hair braided (cornrows) flat to the scalp and the weft of the hair extension is sewn onto the braid using a needle and thread.  The braidless sew in weave is becomming popular today and is desired by those who do not like the braids (see more details below).  This method is not dangerous or harmful to the hair or scalp if properly installed, maintained, and removed. 
Natural Sew In Weaves:                                     
With the natural sew in weave technique some of the scalp hair is left out (hair line or part) to cover the extension.  This actual part or hairline showing provides a look that the extensions are growing naturally from the scalp.  This technique can be installed on chemically treated or natural hair. 
Full Sew in Weaves:                                  
With the full sew in weave all of the scalp hair is braided.  The entire head is covered with the extension and a closure is used to finish and cover the extension weft.  At Ladii Angela’s Hair we custom make our sew in weave closures by hand.  No LUMPs, NO BUMPs, NO HOLEs. 
Full sew in weaves are great for those that are transitioning from chemically treated or relaxed hair to natural hair.  The braids will allow for the scalp hair to rest from chemicals, heat, and any other damaging repetitive daily styles like tight ponytails.  Full sew in weaves can be installed with an invisible part.  This trendy technique will allow for all the scalp hair to be braided with a part between the braids revealed to show the scalp.  See photos of the invisible part sew in weaves above. 
Braidless Sew in Weaves:
With the braidless sew in weave all of the scalp hair is free.  This technique gives a very natural outcome because the free scalp hair fully covers all of the tracks.  The hair can be styled in many different ways that are usually limited by braids, and up into a high ponytail.  For those that are transitioning, or that do not want to be bothered with maintaining their scalp hair, the braidless sew in weave is not recommended for you. 
We offer Natural Hair Care services to aid those in transitioning or maintaining there natural tresses.  See the services and prices menu for a list of some of the Natural Hair Care services Ladii Angela's Hair salon offer.
Sew In Weave Maintenance:
Ladii Angela’s Hair salon provide sew in weave maintenance services to preserve the life of the sew in.  A full maintenance includes the shampoo of the scalp between the braids and the extension hair, the conditioning of the hair and scalp, thread tightening, cut and style.  This maintenance should be done every 2 – 3 week and will allow the sew in weave to look its best for 3 months.  Some of our clients have maintained a sew in weave for close to 6 months.  This is not recommended as the braided scalp hair can began to tangle and matte together creating dreadlocks.  The removal of such tangles can cause breakage and damage.  Not properly maintaining your sew in weave can cause dry, itchy, flaky, and irritated scalp, and oily, frizzy, or tangled extension hair.
Sew In Weave Removal:
It is important that the sew in weave is properly removed.  It is common for an amateur to mistake hair strands for thread, especially if the hair and thread was perfectly matched.  At Ladii Angela’s Hair we specialize in all types of sew in weave services and will be happy to remove any sew in weave while assuring we will not damage any of your hair in the process.

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